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The law can feel daunting and overwhelming at times. At Strachn Law, we help guide clients through turbulent legal issues in a wide range of practice areas, both domestically and internationally. 

Practice Areas


From business formation to succession planning and all other general business law issues.


International business and compliance with foreign regulations.


Aircraft purchase & sales agreements, pilot deviations, and UAS (drone) law.


Filing of probate documents and acting as an advisor to the personal representative.


Drafting and review of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives.


Employer-sided human resource issues, handbook drafting, and employment agreements.


Representation of clients in Tennessee courts at the local, state, and federal level.


Representation of clients seeking to appeal court orders and adverse judgments.


Advising clients on boundary disputes, easements, Home Owners’ Associations, and other matters.


Domestic and international business, financial, and employment law compliance.


Registration of copyrights for artistic and business creations with the US Library of Congress.


Registration of trademarks and service marks in the United States and Internationally.


Advising on various vessel agreements, collisions, and regulatory compliance.


Advising on the wide range of legal areas that make up the laws governing space exploration.


Permitting, compliance, and enforcement defense related to the EPA at the Federal and State levels.

Travel anywhere in the world and you’ll quickly realize there is no place like Tennessee.


Strachn Law represents Tennesseans from the Mighty Mississippi to the Smoky Mountains.


We’re proud to be from Tennessee.


Strachn Law also represents businesses and individuals in the historic U.S. Capitol City, Washington, D.C. 

Our D.C. office is right in the heart of the Federal Government on the famous Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House and Capitol Building.


At Strachn Law we believe honest communication is key with clients being an integral part of the conversation. 


Initial Client questions

Everything begins with a question. During the initial consult expect a back and forth conversation where we really try to understand the issue and the context around it. 


Goal Conversation

During the consult we will also ask what you’d like us to do to help. This allows us to take the information provided and work towards that goal.


Research & Follow-up Questions

Depending on the complexity of the matter there may be extensive research required along with further follow up questions. This is not uncommon as we narrow in on an answer to your question and actionable items towards your stated goal.



Once the research is complete we will meet to truly discuss all available options. We encourage questions and want to make sure you have all the information available to make the best possible decision not just for the near future but also for the long term.

Tennessee & Washington, D.C. Law Firm

With a diverse background and numerous practice areas, Strachn Law is able to help with legal issues on a wide range of subjects.

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