Copyright Law

Copyrights are intellectual property rights that protect a wide range of creations such as art, literary works, photographs, musical compositions, and architectural designs.

Strachn Law has experience in registrations, cease & desist letters, and the drafting/review of copyright use agreements.

Copyright Registrations

Copyrights are registered with the United States Copyright Office and the Library of Congress which allows for a higher level of property protection. We have experience with the registration process and the necessary filings through the Copyright Office’s registration website.

Cease & Desist Letters

There are instances where property rights are being infringed upon and commonly a cease & desist letter will suffice to stop the continued unauthorized use of the copyright. If this does not succeed than litigation is commonly the next step.

Negotiation and drafting of Agreements 

There are instances where a party may want to contract for the authorized use of the copyright from the copyright holder. This is commonly done via licensing or through a form of use agreement.

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