Employment Law

If your company has even a single employee then there are a myriad of issues of which to be aware, the most common which center around agreements with the employee and questions that normally would go to a human resources professional.

At Strachn Law we have years of experience in employment law and human resources, both with companies that operate solely within a single state but also with businesses that have expanded into other states.

Employee Related litigation

Civil litigation at a state and federal level that involves alleged violations of various employment laws and violation of EEOC mandates.

Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks can prevent, or cause, substantial issues to the employer depending upon how they are written and used. A common mistake means that employment contracts are inadvertently created.

Non-Compete Agreements

If you are hiring new employees, training them in your business practices, and want to limit their ability to open up a competing business then a non-compete is a common method to do so.However there are some specific requirements to ensure enforceability.

General Human Resources Issues

Have general human resources related questions? Do you need to train your supervisors in proper procedures? We have personal experience in both and can assist however needed.

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