When a person passes away it is common for an estate to be administered, meaning that a person or group of people are tasked with taking an account of all the deceased’s property and distributing it in accordance with their Last Will & Testament or under the state’s intestate succession laws. This process is commonly referred to as “probating an estate”.

Filing Required Petitions

To begin the probate process it may be necessary to file petitions with the court system for the personal representative to be given legal authority to act on behalf of the estate.  

Advising Personal Representative

Being a personal representative of an estate can seem like a very big task. We help clients by offering legal support, helping locate and inventory assets and debts, and being a general advisor so that the client is not left to handle the administration of the estate by themselves.

Working with Third-Party Experts

The administration of an estate also involves tax filings, insurance proceeds, and the transfer of a wide range of assets. With a large network of professionals we are able to refer clients to subject matter experts to offer the best advice possible on non-legal questions.

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