Admiralty & Maritime Law

Admiralty & maritime law governs boats, ships, and their crews on the high seas, US coastal waters, and rivers and lakes anywhere within the United States. Vessel operators must comply with these regulations at all times while on the water.

At Strachn Law we have years of experience in drafting and review of contracts along with interpreting various regulations and interpreting the legal requirements for clients.

Vessel Purchase & Sale Agreements

Vessel purchase & sale agreements are similar to any other asset sales agreement but there are certain legal and logistical concerns that the parties need to consider, such as inspection, trials, and transportation to the home port or waters.

Vessel Construction

Similar to the purchase & sale agreements, a vessel construction agreement must also consider delivery times, adherence to design specifications and requirements, and payment logistics.

Charter Agreements

Charter agreements must consider limits on activity, such as geographical or “on-board” activities, that will limit the potential owner liability along with transference of liability to the vessel’s operator during the charter.

Collisions & Navigation Issues

The United States Coast Guard has set forth various navigational and operational regulations that apply in all US waters. A violation of these rules may involve penalties or result in collisions between vessels that would require legal representation.

Regulatory & Compliance

Vessels in US waters must continue to comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing the maritime industry and additionally environmental, employment, HAZMAT cargo, and other regulations.

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