Real Estate

Real estate law is a wide-ranging legal area that covers everything from property rights to boundary disputes to timber rights. While real estate is one of the older areas of law, there are new developments that take on a modern role – areas such as cell phone tower leases and home owners’ associations.

Title Transfers and disputes

Title to a home or property can be sold or transferred through a number different ways. We can assist in the transfer of a property or in the defense of a property that was improperly or fraudulently transferred.

Title disputes can arise from issues from the chain of title along with problems with the sale of property, either through the foreclosure process or through tax sales. We have experience in multiple litigation areas related to title work, including actions to quiet title after governmental tax sales.

Boundary Disputes

While people try to be good neighbors, sometimes there are disputes on where the property lines actually are and if they are recorded correctly. We are happy to assist any or all parties on property line disputes.


Even though you own your land, there may be need for a neighbor or a municipality to retain an easement over your land. We have experience in drafting easements and in having easements removed from property.

Commercial Leases

If you are a business owner and are planning on renting commercial space, you are likely be required to enter into a form of commercial lease. From short-term to multi-year leases for any business or space size, we are happy to review, advise, and draft language to protect our clients and their businesses.

Cell Tower Leases

Cell phones may be wireless but there is still a physical infrastructure required in order for the cell service to work properly, which requires cell towers at strategic locations in order to provide adequate cell service coverage. If a cell provider as approached you with a request to lease a portion of your land for a tower, we are happy to review the agreement and advise you on the best course of action.

Property Liens

We represent general contractors, subcontractors, and property owners in filing, enforcing, and opposing property liens, through both mechanics liens and materialmens liens.

Home Owners’ Associations

Home Owners’ Associations are becoming more and more prevalent. While there are times where HOAs are useful, often times they are used in an overbearing and controlling manner. We have experience in reviewing the HOA’s governing documents and helping to enforce the HOA’s regulations, or defending against abusive associations.

Timber Rights

It is quite common for trees, as they grow, to encroach on the land of another property owner and cause a nuisance or, unfortunately, property damage. Additionally, with the uptake of selective harvesting, property owners are finding it useful to hire companies to selectively harvest the timber on their property. We are happy to discuss nuisance claims or review timber contracts for our clients.

Mineral Rights

If you own property, you may have land rich in building stone or other valuable materials that you’d like to harvest but need a specialized third-party to help. At Strachn Law we have experience in reviewing and drafting mineral leases to provide the maximum benefit to the property owner while ensuring that the beauty of the property is preserved in accordance with state and federal EPA  regulations. 

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