Business Law

Business law encompasses several different sub-categories, mainly centered around business formation, compliance, and general counsel style issues dealing with everything from a simple contract review to complex mergers & acquisitions to detailed, long term business succession planning.

Business Law

Business Formation

Forming a company sounds daunting but when its broken down into smaller steps it’s actually quite manageable. We can help as little or as much as needed, from answering a single question to forming the entire company that’s ready to go on Day 1. If you have the idea, we can help make it a reality, whether that is a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, or corporation.

General Counsel

Whether you run a multi-national corporation or are a one-person business, we offer general counsel services in all our practice areas, in both hourly and retainer formats, so that if you need an attorney you already have one ready and waiting.

Contract Drafting & review

Don’t speak legalese? We’re happy to review a contract and translate it into plain English. Need a contract drafted? No problem. Our firm has drafted everything from a one-page Bill of Sale to a full Asset Purchase Agreement to buy an existing company.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Ready to acquire a company? Honestly it can be very simple or extremely complicated. Strachn Law has participated in several acquisitions and dispositions of various sizes, from less than $40,000 to multiple millions, both domestically and internationally. We can help at any portion of the process, from writing letters of intent to due diligence to the drafting of the purchase documents.

Succession Planning

You’ve formed a business, spent your life building it into a great company, and are now ready to step back. Congratulations, you’ve earned it. If you need help planning on how to keep the company going as you go off into retirement, give us a call. We have personal experience in a family business succession.

Business Litigation and Arbitration

At some point all businesses find themselves in a form of litigation. We have experience in all stages of litigation in numerous states, from demand letters through discovery, in both lawsuits and arbitration suits, and are licensed to represent clients in front of some federal courts.

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