Aviation Law

Aviation Law occupies a particularly complex area of law known as the Federal Aviation Regulations which are administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It is considered complex due to the highly technical nature of aviation and the national airspace.

Most recently Unmanned Aircraft Systems, also commonly called “drones”, have fallen under the authority of the FAA. There are federal regulations that must be strictly followed, the violation of which could have severe consequences, unbeknownst to most new drone owners.

Pilot Deviations

If you received a letter from the FAA referencing a pilot deviation, take the letter seriously. The consequences can be a simple note in your pilot record to a loss of your pilot certificates and monetary fines. There are steps that can be done to help mitigate any potential consequences, depending on the severity of the deviation.

FAR Compliance

Federal Aviation Regulations may feel like they are written in a foreign language, especially when they reference other regulations. Don’t speak aviation legalese? We can translate and answer any follow up questions you may have.

Medical Certificates & Basicmed

If you received a letter from the FAA requesting more medical info, contact us as soon as you can. There is a narrow window of time to respond to this request and our office can cover available options before responding.

Purchase & Sale Agreements

There are many different aircraft specific factors that need to be considered in an agreement to buy or sell an aircraft, such as a pre-buy inspection and a damage history review. Our firm has experience in both drafting and reviewing these agreements.

FBO Representation

Being a Fixed-Base Operator is a very unique challenge. Don’t spend extra time trying to explain that to firms that don’t know what “FBO” means. Our office understands this challenge and is happy to help as outside general counsel. 

Aviation INcidents & Accidents

If you and your aircraft have been involved in an incident or accident then understandably it is a very stressful time. We can help in dealing with the FAA, NTSB, or any other third parties and, depending on the situation, could be at the aircraft’s location within 24 hours.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)

Drones come in various sizes and levels of complexity, often fulfilling very different roles. Depending on the complexity and/or role you may be required to register your drone with the FAA or obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate. Additionally, depending on when or where you are flying your drone you may need to file notifications, request permission, or receive waivers from the FAA.

Much of the regulation is centered around airspace and the size of the drone itself. If you have questions then our law firm can help ensure you are complaint with the laws and regulations that apply to you and your drone.

Already a licensed pilot? Then it is simple to receive your Remote Pilot Certificate and oversee drone use of non-certificated individuals.

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