What makes Strachn Law different?

Quite simply, we come to you.

Only have 15 minutes free and need to meet at a coffee shop?

We’ll take ours black, please.


During Adam’s tenure as general counsel to an international marketing and advertising firm, he hired outside counsel all across the country, and even internationally, and realized that he never actually met most of the attorneys he hired and worked with closely.

After learning that some individuals and businesses were unable to access, or had difficulty accessing, legal counsel due to mobility issues, or simply being unable to leave their business for a day, Adam knew he wanted to do something different. Thus, in the middle of 2020, the idea of a mobile law firm was born.


Strachn Law is set up as a mobile law firm, meaning that through the use of technologies, such as Zoom video conferencing, and a willingness to come to individuals and businesses on-site, Adam is able to help people and businesses in need access legal counsel when they otherwise would not be able. 

For example, Adam has drafted, printed, and wholly executed estate planning documents on-site for individuals that are bed bound at their home on hospice; advised on trust and estate matters via video conference; and has counseled businesses at their location while the business continued to operate and see customers when required. 


Strachn Law serves all of Tennessee, the District of Columbia, Georgia, and New York and through the use of general aviation, Adam can be on site almost anywhere east of the Mississippi River in a few hours.


While we are a mobile first firm, we do have access to private office spaces in the event that meeting off-site would better serve our clients. Please see our Contact page for more specific information related to this. 

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